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Our solution for radiologists, iRAD, enhances radiology images to reveal details of anatomical structures that were previously obscured by “radiation noise” so that radiologists and doctors are able to make more accurate diagnoses.  At the same time, it retains the finer elements of the image without adding or creating any distortions. 


The product serves the radiology department across the range of imaging modalities.  It can be accessed online via the Claritas Viewer, or alternatively, integrated on-site as software that can interface with your PACS, DICOM 3.0 communications protocols and imaging archives system.

iRAD by Claritas

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Compatible With

Digital X-Ray      CAT Scan        MRI  UltraSound    Digital Mammography

*For PET Scan please contact us to see our IE-RPET Software

Claritas Viewer iRAD


Our image enhancement process overcomes the failings of existing technology by individually enhancing each pixel. Further, constraints ensure that the enhancement is not overdone, hence preserving the finest details. After optimal enhancement, the pixels are stitched together to provide an enhanced image that is substantially improved without losing details and without overemphasizing or distorting any section of the original image.

iRAD Key Differentiator

Benefits of iRAD

  • Ensures optimal enhancement of radiology images

  • Enables accurate diagnostic decisions by doctors

  • Avoids unnecessary excess radiation exposure for the patient

  • Savings on cost and time for the patient on account of re-testing

  • Reduction in malpractice claims resulting from misdiagnosis

  • Reduction in insurance costs

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