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Claritas Viewer iRAD

Technology Overview

Whether the image is unclear due to noise from radiation or lacks clarity due to low light and/or tissue absorption, our solution greatly improves the clarity of the image. Our software works with a recursively applied multi-scale histogram transformation-based algorithm. Each resolution level differs in numerous solutions from known techniques such as HE, AHE, CLAHE, BI-HE, and MULTI-HE. The software is operated and optimized for highly parallelized implementation, for real-time applications. 

The software parameters are carefully planned and optimally selected. Its central operations rely on histogram matching, utilizing hierarchically built set of histograms with optimized bin-numbers and square sizes. iRAD by Claritas ensures a smooth transition of parameters in the applied quad-tree structure using overlapping information for each pixel at each resolution level with a position-dependent weighting of histograms. The edges, features, structural information due to well-selected histogram operations, leave a very visible and enhanced image.


The Claritas iRAD software solution provides state of the art image enhancement for all types of radiology images. It offers medical professionals a powerful yet easy to use tool. Whether accessing the platform via the Cloud or using it on any local computer network, it guarantees seamless and fast image processing. There is no need for lengthy and complex training, its usage and operation is intuitive even for first-time users. The added advantage of Claritas iRAD is its accessibility on any device be it desktops, laptops,  or smartphones supporting the workflow and increasing productivity.


iRAD Platform

Accessibility & Deployment

  1. Integrated into your existing PACS Viewer:


It can be seamlessly integrated into (any) of the existing PACS workflow via APIs.Hence, there is no need for a new system to be learned. On integration, the Claritas iRAD solution(s) will become another tab or button on the users existing PACS viewer.


1a. As the image enhancement process is done on the Cloud, there is no local/onsite development work required.


1b. At larger sites, such as hospitals and medical centers, if regulations forbid the images to be transmitted offsite, the Claritas   iRAD can be deployed on-site so that the image enhancement happens on site.


   2. Claritas Web-Based PACS Viewer:


Alternatively, there is an option that requires no integration at all and can be accessed and used anywhere anytime via the Internet. Clients can request to register a unique account at  With this account, users can use the Claritas PACS Viewer to submit images from their worklist and enhance images in real-time using the Claritas Web-Based PACS viewer.

Data Privacy

Claritas solutions ensure patient privacy is protected and its software products are compliant with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of the US and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU.  All patient health information is maintained by the radiology center or hospital.  Claritas’ processing is performed on an anonymous basis, ensuring patient data is not compromised.

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